Singapore Company Registration

Singapore Company Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through the following Frequently asked Questions on registering a company in Singapore. If you still have questions, please contact us.

How much does it cost to register a company in SIngapore?

Please scroll down this page and see the prices for our services.

What documents are required to register a company in Singapore?

1. Copy of passport: Shareholder(s), director.
2. Power of Attorney (we will send a template, once you purchase our services for company registration)

Can you also help to open a company bank account in Singapore?

Yes, we can assist with the process. However, in order to open a company bank account in a traditional bank in Singapore, our clients are expected to rent (or buy) a physical office space in Singapore under their company. The office must be a private office, not in a coworking space (for e.g. Wework etc.). Also the second requirement is our clients should be ready to personally travel to Singapore to attend a meeting with a bank manager. If you fulfill these requirements, we can assist you to make an appointment with one of the banks in Singapore free of charge (this assistance is only for our clients who have registered their Singapore companies through us).

The second option – an alternative to traditional bank in Singapore is to open a company account through a fintech company. For this service we charge $500 (USD), and it’s open to anyone (not only our clients). Please contact us for more information

Where is your office, I want to visit you in person and ask questions regarding the process

We have two locations: one in Wyoming, US, another one in Shanghai, China. Our addresses are given on this website, please check.
However, we do not accept walk-in visitors. Please make an appointment with us here and we will provide a consultation via Zoom.

Can you assist with getting a work visa in Singapore?

Once you become a clients to us by purchasing our company registration service in Singapore, we can meet you over Zoom and will answer all of your questions regarding working visa in Singapore. You can also check our prices for Singapore work visa down below on this page (please scroll down).

What are the advantages of registering a company in Singapore?

Please check this page for all the advantage of registering a company in Singapore.

I'm from Nigeria (or XXX other country) can I register a company in Singapore?

Generally speaking, there are no restrictions on nationality, however, if you’re from one of the internationally sanctioned countries (that you are citizen of such a country), it might be extremely challenging to open a bank account for your Singapore company. This is also true for other countries that we help to register a company in, for e.g. China, Hong Kong, US, Canada, EU etc.

Singapore Shelf Company

Singapore New Company Registration Options

Advanced Package Notes:

* Scope of changes include:

  • Appoint/Resign Officers
  • Change particulars of Directors/Shareholders
  • Appoint/Resign Auditors
  • Change of Address/Year End
  • Change of Business/SSIC
  • Interim Dividends
  • AGM/AR Filing (Exclude filing fees & disbursements)

All Other changes/Resolutions (Chargeable @time/legal counsel costs):

  • Officers: Remove/Terminate/Disputes
  • Shares: Allot in Cash or kind/ Subscription Agreement
  • Share Transfers/Multiple Parties/S&P
  • Conversion of loan/Convertible notes
  • Preference Shares Subscription Agreements
  • Share Buyback/Capital Reduction
  • Loan write-off/Write-back/Capitalisation
  • Change Constitution

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