Between April 22 and 24, 2023, a distinguished delegation from the Navoiy Region of Uzbekistan visited Shanghai’s Songjiang District to explore investment opportunities, foster bilateral relations, and promote economic cooperation. The delegation, led by GAFFOROV Elbek Istamovich, First Deputy Head of the Department of Investment and Foreign Trade of Navoiy Region, included 12 prominent representatives from various sectors within the region.

Upon their arrival at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the delegation received a warm welcome from a committee comprising Jasur Mavlyanov, founder and CEO of Shanghai Silk Road International Trading Co., LTD (上海司可国际贸易有限公司), Wilson Wang (王德勋), CEO of CHK International Logistics Co., LTD, Jessie, General Manager of CHK International Logistics Co., LTD, and Mr. SanJun (靳三军), CEO of Shanghai Jinlong Shelf Co., Ltd. (上海晋隆货架有限公司), along with other esteemed colleagues.

On the morning of April 23, the delegation attended an event at the offices of Shanghai Jinlong Shelf Co., Ltd. (上海晋隆货架有限公司), where Jasur Mavlyanov. delivered an introductory speech and facilitated introductions between the Uzbek and Chinese attendees. Subsequently, JURAEV Nazirjon Homidovich, Deputy Director of “Navoi” FEZ, presented a comprehensive overview of investment potentials in Navoi Region. This prompted a productive exchange of questions and answers, enabling both parties to gain insights into potential collaborations in Navoi.

Following the opening event, the delegation embarked on a cultural tour of Songjiang’s historical site, Guangfulin Relics Park, which boasts a history spanning over 5,000 years. The visit offered the delegation an opportunity to learn about the park’s archaeological findings and significant historical events.

Afterward, the delegation savored local Shanghainese cuisine at a renowned restaurant in Songjiang, where they expressed their appreciation for the diverse flavors. The afternoon itinerary included a visit to a cutting-edge refrigeration facility, part of the Belt and Road Initiative, that stores imported meat products from countries such as the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. The facility featured advanced refrigeration technology and provided valuable insights into the potential for similar projects in Navoi Region.

The delegation’s next stop was a chemical factory in Songjiang, a leading producer of over 7,000 chemical products with branches across China and internationally. This visit sparked in-depth conversations between the factory management, Shanghai government representatives, and the delegation regarding potential collaboration, investment opportunities, and areas of mutual interest. The discussions concluded on a positive note, with both sides agreeing to pursue various investment projects in the future.

Upon returning to Fuyue Hotel (富悦大酒店), the delegation had a chance to freshen up before attending a dinner that brought together respected members of the Shanghai government. The dinner, characterized by its cordial atmosphere, allowed all attendees to exchange good wishes, make toasts, and further solidify their relationships.

The delegation departed for Fuzhou on the morning of April 24, 2023, marking the end of a successful visit. Special thanks go to the organizers of the event: Jasur Mavlyanov, founder and CEO of Shanghai Silk Road International Trading Co., LTD (上海司可国际贸易有限公司), JR & Firm LLC, legal counsel for CHK International Logistics Co., LTD, Wilson Wang (王德勋), CEO of CHK International Logistics Co., LTD, Jessie, General Manager of CHK International Logistics Co., LTD, and Mr. SanJun (靳三军), CEO of Shanghai Jinlong Shelf Co., Ltd. (上海晋隆货架有限公司), as well as other esteemed colleagues.

Shanghai Silk Road International Trading Co., LTD (上海司可国际贸易有限公司) and JR & Firm LLC have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to promoting investment opportunities and entrepreneurship along the Belt and Road Initiative. Their efforts have been instrumental in fostering international cooperation and expanding economic development between the Navoiy Region and Shanghai’s Songjiang District.

As a result of this successful visit, both regions can look forward to fruitful partnerships and continued economic growth. The strong foundation established during this visit will pave the way for further collaboration and investment projects, ultimately benefitting both the Navoiy Region of Uzbekistan and Shanghai’s Songjiang District in China.

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