Register a Corporation in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Uzbekistan can present a wealth of opportunities for a foreign investor. While the process can initially seem complex due to unfamiliarity with Uzbekistan’s regulations, our team at JR & Firm is well-equipped to guide you through it. Our corporate consultancy services offer a comprehensive solution for registering your company in Uzbekistan, opening a corporate bank account, and providing continued support post-registration. We also provide resident nominee director services in Tashkent for additional ease and convenience.

Step 1: Choose a Company Name

The first step to register an LLC in Uzbekistan is deciding on a unique company name. The team at JR & Firm can assist you in verifying the availability of your chosen name.

Step 2: Prepare Required Documentation

We will help you compile the necessary documents required for registration, which generally include:

  • Application form for registration.
  • Passport copies of founders and director(s).
  • Corporate documents if a legal entity is among the founders.
  • Proposed company charter.

Step 3: Register with the State Authority

JR & Firm will assist you with the company registration process with the relevant State Authority. We’ll guide you through the submission of required documents, payment of state fees, and provide precise instructions for the information about your new company.

Step 4: Open a Bank Account

With successful registration, the next step is to open a corporate bank account for your LLC in Uzbekistan. Our team will liaise with the bank on your behalf to ease this process.

Step 5: Tax Registration

Our experts will register your company with the State Tax Committee to obtain a tax identification number and advise you on your tax obligations, such as value-added tax (VAT), income tax, and social security contributions.

Step 6: Other Regulatory Requirements

Depending on your business’s nature, you may need additional permissions or licenses. Our team is prepared to identify and assist you in obtaining any other regulatory approvals your specific business might require.

Resident Nominee Director Services in Tashkent

For businesses seeking local guidance and representation, JR & Firm offers resident nominee director services in Tashkent. Our nominee directors are well-versed in the Uzbek business environment and can provide valuable insights and assistance.

Post-Registration Services

But our support doesn’t end with registration. At JR & Firm, we believe in empowering our clients with ongoing services and tools necessary to succeed. We offer post-registration services including bookkeeping, annual reporting, and compliance to ensure your business stays on track.

Launching an LLC in Uzbekistan may seem challenging, but with the right partner, it can become a streamlined process. At JR & Firm, we are not just consultants; we are your strategic partners with a robust presence in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Our local office in Tashkent houses a team of seasoned professionals with deep knowledge of Uzbek business regulations and customs. Leveraging our strong connections with the government and various regulatory bodies, we are positioned to handle your business setup process with remarkable efficiency and effectiveness.

We are committed to not just helping you set up your LLC but also ensuring that you are well-equipped to navigate the vibrant and dynamic business landscape of Uzbekistan. Our end-to-end services, from pre-registration preparation to post-registration support, are designed to give you peace of mind and let you focus on what matters most: growing your business.

With JR & Firm, you’re not only setting up a company; you’re opening a world of opportunities. Embark on your Uzbek business journey with us and experience the difference we bring. Welcome to Uzbekistan!

UZBEKISTAN LLC REGISTRATION - Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through the following Frequently asked Questions on registering a company in Canada. If you still have questions, please contact us.

What are the main advantages of starting a business in Uzbekistan as a foreigner?

The main advantages include a strategic geographical location, access to emerging markets, a young and educated workforce, low labor costs, improving ease of doing business, and significant government incentives for foreign investors.

Is it easy to obtain a work permit in Uzbekistan?

Yes, the Uzbek government has streamlined the process for obtaining work permits for foreign investors, making it straightforward and quick.

Can my family relocate with me if I start a business in Uzbekistan?

Absolutely. The process for obtaining residency and family visas for foreign investors and their families has been made efficient and easy by the Uzbek government.

How is the living cost in Uzbekistan?

Living costs in Uzbekistan are significantly lower compared to Western countries. This includes housing, utilities, food, and transportation.

How is the business environment in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has been implementing comprehensive reforms to improve its business environment. This includes simplification of administrative procedures, tax incentives for foreign investors, liberalisation of foreign exchange regulations, and increased protection for investor rights.

Can I expect to find a skilled workforce in Uzbekistan?

Yes, Uzbekistan has a young, educated workforce with increasing English proficiency among the youth, making it ideal for businesses.

What opportunities are there for setting up call centers and customer service operations in Uzbekistan?

Given the young and educated workforce coupled with low labor costs, Uzbekistan presents great potential for establishing call centers and customer service operations.

Are there specific industries that the Uzbek government is encouraging foreign investment in?

The Uzbek government encourages foreign investment across all sectors, but especially in areas like agriculture, manufacturing, services, and information technology.

How is the infrastructure in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has been investing heavily in its infrastructure, including transport links, digital connectivity, and utilities, making it an increasingly attractive destination for businesses.

Can I own 100% of my business in Uzbekistan as a foreigner?

Yes, foreign investors can own 100% of their business in Uzbekistan.

What kind of support can I expect from the Uzbek government as a foreign investor?

The Uzbek government offers a range of support to foreign investors, from facilitating the setup process, providing tax incentives, to assisting in obtaining work permits and residency visas.

Is Uzbekistan politically stable for my business operations?

Yes, Uzbekistan has maintained a stable political environment, which is crucial for business operations.

How is the taxation system in Uzbekistan for foreign businesses?

The Uzbek government has implemented tax incentives for foreign investors, making the tax regime business-friendly.

Can I expect to find office spaces and commercial real estate easily in Uzbekistan?

Yes, with the government’s push to attract foreign investment, there is a growing availability of office spaces and commercial real estate.

What are the banking facilities like in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has a robust banking system, and foreign investors can easily open and operate bank accounts for their businesses.

Is it easy to repatriate profits from Uzbekistan?

Yes, the liberalisation of foreign exchange regulations makes it easier for businesses to repatriate profits.

Is Uzbekistan a safe place to live for me and my family?

Yes, Uzbekistan is generally considered safe with a low crime rate. However, it’s always important to follow common-sense safety measures just as you would anywhere else.

How is the quality of life in Uzbekistan?

The quality of life in Uzbekistan is improving, with advances in healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Plus, the cost of living is considerably lower than in many Western countries.

Are there international schools in Uzbekistan for my children?

Yes, there are several international schools in major cities of Uzbekistan, ensuring quality education for your children.

How can JR & Firm LLC assist me in starting a business in Uzbekistan?

JR & Firm LLC can guide you through the entire process of setting up a business in Uzbekistan – from company formation and bank account opening to obtaining work permits and visas. With an office in Tashkent and strong connections to the Uzbekistan government, we can speed up the process and connect you with local resources effectively.

Foreign Investment in Uzbekistan: Comprehensive Guide to Benefits and Opportunities

Explore the advantages of investing in Uzbekistan as a foreigner. Discover how JR & Firm LLC can guide you in establishing and expanding your business in Uzbekistan.


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