Hong Kong

Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the best jurisdictions in the world to register a company. Below are some benefits:


#3 in Ease of Doing Business

World Bank’s latest Ease of Doing Business report lists Hong Kong as #3 in the world – out of 190 jurisdictions.


Freest economy

Heritage Foundation lists Hong Kong as the freest economy in the world.


Multi-currency Accounts

Hong Kong corporate bank accounts come with multiple currencies, each with its own IBAN and SWIFT numbers, can directly receive payments from Amazon, PayPal, WeChat, Alipay, Shopify, eBay and other platforms.


Work Visas

It’s comparatively easier to relocate to Hong Kong through company formation than in other developed countries.


Incorporate from distance

Company director and shareholders are not required to travel to Hong Kong in person during company registration.


No paid-up capital & Office requirements

Companies registered in Hong Kong are not required to pay up or inject any capital and they are not obliged to rent a physical office in Hong Kong.


Low Taxes

A Hong Kong company is legally tax exempt if it doesn’t have any Hong Kong sourced income, so a company can claim an “offshore status”
There are no withholding tax, sales tax, VAT, import-export and capital gains taxes either.


Low Taxes

If a company has operations in Hong Kong, the corporate tax is also one of the lowest in the world at 16.5% flat. Hong Kong resident companies (with operations in Hong Kong) will benefit from Hong Kong’s 37 double taxation treaties to lower their withholding tax on payments abroad. Hong Kong does not charge tariffs on imports and exports.


Minimal Bureaucracy

Minimal bureaucracy: any licensing and other paperwork do not take long.


Skilled Workforce

Highly skilled, competitive, productive and well-educated local workforce, most of whom are fluent in at least three languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese


Cost-effective Company Registration

Cost-effective company registration – registering and maintaining a company in Hong Kong is comparatively cheap.


Transportation Hub

International transportation hub with excellent connections and infrastructure facilities:

– Hong Kong’s international airport is the busiest in all of Asia and the Pacific, handling more than 50 million passengers seasonally and hosting direct flights to over 150 international destinations.
– More than 100 international shipping lines operate from Hong Kong, connecting to over 5,000 destinations worldwide.


No Exchange Controls

No exchange controls to restrict Foreign Direct Investments or income repatriation, because of this Hong Kong can be an excellent location for treasury accounts, cash management accounts, and other corporate banking services.


Free Economic Zone

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China and a Free Economic Zone, therefore, it is a great location for foreign investors who want to have their regional distribution base and headquarters in this regions.


No Corruption

#12 least corrupt government in the world according to Corruption Perceptions Index


English & Chinese

Along with Chinese, English is an official language in Hong Kong, and all government offices, banks etc. use English and Chinese for communication and in their forms / documents.


Bank Credit

Getting a bank credit is comparatively easier: Hong Kong is ranked #37 best jurisdiction in the world for securing business credit.


World Financial Center

According to Global Financial Centers Index 2022, Hong Kong is #3 in the world, and naturally, almost all major financial firms, insurance companies, banks and asset managements firms have their offices in Hong Kong.


Register a company in Hong Kong

βœ”οΈ Limited Company Formation
βœ”οΈ Hong Kong Government Incorporation Fee
βœ”οΈ 1 year Agent / Company Secretary
βœ”οΈ Filling of Annual Return and e-Certificate (NAR1)
βœ”οΈ Designated Representative (1 year, For Significant Controllers Registers – SCR only)


Register a company in Hong Kong

βœ”οΈ 1 year Registered address
βœ”οΈ Certified Copy of Documents (banks require this document)
βœ”οΈ Business account with a Fintech bank (online banking) – We will link our clients with the fintech, and the account opening process will be completed by clients (for security reasons).
βœ”οΈ DHL & Handling Fee to clients country


Easy & Fast Incorporation

Hong Kong company can be incorporated with 1 director and 1 shareholder of any nationality (no residency requirements). Hong Kong companies can obtain their business license in 1-3 days


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