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If you want to incorporate your business in the U.S., Russia, China or other countries, JR & Firm LLC can help you with the process. See more here.


Individual & Corporate Taxes

Want to understand your tax liabilities in the countries you want to do business in? JR & Firm LLC can assist you. Click here for Accounting Services in China. Click here to schedule a call.

Sourcing & Quality Assurance

Want to source products from China? Our office in Shanghai can help you source the best quality products and quality check them. Learn more here, or contact us here.


Bi-lingual contracts

When dealing with Chinese companies, in order to avoid misunderstandings, it’s important to have bi-lingual agreements. Our lawyers in Shanghai can draft contracts in Chinese and English.Β 


Selling in China

If you want to enter the Chinese market with your products and sell on local e-commerce platforms, JR & Firm LLC can you with the process. We can register your company, open stores on local platforms.


WeChat Official Accounts

JR & Firm LLC has helped many companies to open their official accounts / pages on China’s most famous social media platform – WeChat. If you want to enter the Chinese market, having a WeChat page is a must for your business.


China Accounting

If you run a company in Mainland China, you certainly need an accountant to handle your companies tax filings. Note: Only Chinese citizens are allowed to get an accounting license. We have a team of professional local accountants in China and we provide accounting services to many foreign companies. Click here to learn more.


China Company Checkup

If you want to learn more about your potential Chinese partner, supplier or a client, you can contact us for China Company Checkup / Due Diligence. Click here to learn more.


Nominee Director

If you wan to expand your business to China and need a local resident director, we provide a nominee director service in China. Click here to learn more.


Corporate Alipay

Having a corporate Alipay account is also mandatory (along with official WeChat account) when entering the Chinese market. We can assist you with the process.


China Market Research

Entering the Chinese market is extremely challenging and competitive. Without proper market research, 9 out of 10 companies trying to enter the Chinese market fail. JR & Firm LLC has its offices in Shanghai and can provide you with thorough market research before you start selling in China.


E-Commerce Stores

We have extensive experience in building and e-commerce platforms. Our E-commerce services include opening and managing Amazon, Taobao,, WeChat stores for our clients. Our team of professional web developers can also help you build your own online store for English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Uzbek and Chinese speaking markets.

Why Us?

We are a boutique consulting firm with offices in the U.S., Russia, China and Uzbekistan. We specialize in providing one-stop corporate solution to our clients – from incorporation to market market research, to trademark and IP registration, to bi-lingual contracts, to local e-commerce solutions, to tailor made business consulting. We care about our clients’ businesses as our own. Every client is attended individually, and our consultant are available to our clients 24/7 by phone, email and other means of communication. When you dial, we pick up.


We registered our company in Wyoming with the help of Jasur and his team. The whole process was very easy.Β 

Oyatilla R.

Oz Brothers LLC.

We opened our Shanghai branch through JR & Firm LLC. We are extremely happy with the work and professionalism they showed. Thank you!

Wilson S.

CHK Trans Co., LTD

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