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Singapore is one of the best jurisdictions to register a company. JR & Firm can assist you with the process A to Z, including opening a corporate bank account for your Singapore LLC completely from distance.

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JR & Firm LLC is a one stop solution firm for companies and entrepreneurs that want to enter the U.S., Chinese markets. We also provide business consultancy services in many other countries – feel free to contact us with your questions.



If you want to incorporate your business in the U.S., Russia, China or other countries, JR & Firm LLC can help you with the process. You can start by filling outย company registration questionnaire. See moreย here.


Individual & Corporate Taxes

Want to understand your tax liabilities in the countries you want to do business in? JR & Firm LLC can assist you. Click here to schedule a call.

Sourcing & Quality Assurance

Want to source products from China? Our office in Shanghai can help you source the best quality products and quality check them. Learn more.


JR & Firm LLC is an international business consultancy firm. We are a one stop solution for companies entering the U.S., Chinese, and other important markets with their products and services. Our services range from incorporation to market research, to trading solutions โ€“ import and export, to sourcing and quality assurance. We have offices in three countries โ€“ U.S., China, and Uzbekistan.


Jasur and his team in Shanghai have been extremely helpful and efficient with our company registration in China.

Philip T. Smith

Sourcing4u Co., LTD

We couldn’t be happier with the incorporation service JR & Firm provided in the U.S. Highly recommend their services.

Ashraf R. A. Salous

Griptooth LLC

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