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JR & Firm LLC: Your Comprehensive Business Partner for Entry into the U.S. and Chinese Markets

At JR & Firm LLC, we specialize in providing seamless end-to-end global corporate solutions for companies and entrepreneurs seeking to establish a foothold in the U.S. and Chinese markets. Our expertise extends beyond these regions, as we offer tailored business consultancy services in numerous other countries. Reach out to us with your inquiries, and let our team of professionals guide you on your path to global success.


Expand Your Business Horizons: JR & Firm LLC Simplifies Incorporation in the U.S., China, Hong Kong and Beyond.

Looking to incorporate your business in the U.S., China, Singapore or other countries? Trust JR & Firm LLC to guide you through the process with ease. Begin by completing our comprehensive company registration questionnaire, and learn more about our tailored incorporation services here. Let us help you turn your global business aspirations into reality.

Individual & Corporate Taxes

Master Your Global Tax Obligations: Expert Guidance from JR & Firm LLC.

Seeking clarity on your tax liabilities in the countries where you plan to conduct business? Let the specialists at JR & Firm LLC provide you with the insights you need. Click here to schedule a call and take the first step towards effective international tax management.

Sourcing & Quality Assurance

Optimize Your China Sourcing: High-Quality Products & Quality Assurance with JR & Firm LLC.

Looking to source top-quality products from China? Let our Shanghai office be your guide in navigating the Chinese market, ensuring the finest product selections and stringent quality checks. Discover how JR & Firm LLC can elevate your sourcing experience by clicking here to learn more.

How to secure a work visa in China?

Explore expert tips on starting a business in China, securing work visas, and navigating company registration with our comprehensive FAQ guide.

Manufacturing in China through OEM or ODM – Which one is best?

Manufacturing in China – OEM or ODM – Access over 3000 Chinese factories, and get expert help in manufacturing, IP protection, and more with JR & Firm.

Important Terminology to Register and Maintain a Company in China

Explore essential terms for registering and maintaining a company in China. Navigate the legal landscape with expert insights and tips.

China Company Registration Made Easy

CHINA COMPANY REGISTRATION – SHANGHAI, 2024: Foreigners can register and own companies in China, known as WFOEs—Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises. A WFOE is a limited liability company and can be established for various business types. The most common include...

Hong Kong or Singapore – which one is better for company registration and why?

Explore the business advantages of Hong Kong and Singapore for companies dealing with Mainland China, including detailed tax insights and subsidiary management.

How Taxes Work in Hong Kong: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Explore Hong Kong’s business-friendly tax system and how it aids in company formation and growth, especially for operations linked to Mainland China.

Chinese vs Hong Kong Company – Which one is better and why?

Discover the optimal choice for your business: Explore the advantages of setting up a company in Mainland China versus Hong Kong, and unlock the potential for success in the dynamic Asian market. Maximize your opportunities with expert insights on taxation, legal requirements, and market access strategies.

China Company Registration: Frequently Asked Questions for the Year 2023

As we approach 2024, our exploration of the intricacies of China Company Registration is fueled by the numerous FAQs that have shaped our journey throughout 2023. Whether you're navigating corporate compliance, exploring legal procedures, or seeking insights into the...

China Company Registration: How to Choose Company Name for your WFOE?

Unlock the potential of business success in China with expert insights on company registration. Discover key strategies and legal essentials with CEO Jasur Mavlyanov. Navigate Shanghai Silk Road opportunities seamlessly.

How to Get a Chinese Green Card: Shanghai’s New Policy Grants Immediate Green Cards to Expatriate PhD Holders.

Discover Shanghai’s new policy granting instant green cards to expat PhD holders. Breaking immigration barriers for academics. JR & Firm explains.

About Us

JR & Firm LLC: Your Global Business Partner for Seamless Market Entry and Expansion.

As an international business consultancy firm, JR & Firm LLC serves as a comprehensive one-stop solution for companies venturing into the U.S., Chinese, and other key markets with their products and services. Our diverse range of services includes incorporation, structuring, liquidation, bi-lingual contracts, China commercial dispute resolution, corporate bank account opening, market research, import and export trading solutions, product sourcing, and quality assurance. With offices strategically located in the U.S., China, and Uzbekistan, we are well-positioned to support your business growth and success on a global scale.


Jasur and his team in Shanghai have been extremely helpful and efficient with our company registration in China.

Philip T. Smith

Sourcing4u Co., LTD

We couldn’t be happier with the incorporation service JR & Firm provided in the U.S. Highly recommend their services.

Ashraf R. A. Salous

Griptooth LLC


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